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    When it comes to addiction, the known devil can sometimes seem better than the unknown angel. Fear of what awaits in the process of recovery can be a big reason why people put off getting help. Ultimately, however, the reality of addiction should be much more terrifying. No matter where you start, addiction always ends in one of these three places: jails, institutions, death. Making the process of recovery more transparent and understandable may help you or a loved one move forward with more confidence and less fear, as you begin to confront your addiction.

    What happens in detox?

    Most people have only ever seen detox on TV or in the movies. In those dramatic renderings, it often seems pretty grim. It’s important to understand that such portrayals are by design. (Showing a calm, peaceful environment filled with caring staff members and little drama wouldn’t make for good television!)

    All you need to do is to scroll through the photos of our Rancho Mirage facility to see that your detox can take place in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Depending on what substances you have been using, it may be a very uncomfortable physical experience—to say the least—but our staff will do everything possible to manage your withdrawal symptoms with medical care and possibly even medications.

    The length and severity of your withdrawal depends on many factors, including your size and general physical health, as well as the nature of your substance abuse. At SolutionPoint Behavioral Health, we offer a 14-21 day program that can help you clear your body of the effects of substances, and begin the journey to recovery.

    During detox, all you need to do is remain willing to explore recovery. If you stay in place and stay motivated, you can almost ensure a positive outcome.

    Once you begin to feel better and more clear-headed, our staff can begin clinical work to address the underlying root of your addiction. That might mean process groups or one-on-one counseling about your trauma. We’ll also have extensive conversations with you about appropriate next steps.

    Detox is the first building block of a lifetime of recovery. In just a few weeks, you can set yourself or your loved one on a path to getting a better life.

    If you’re ready to start, or even if you’re not sure treatment is for you, contact our caring staff. They’ll be happy to speak with you about your unique needs and possible solutions.

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