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    Should You Detox at Home?

    For many people struggling with alcohol or drug use, the vicious cycle of addiction is their darkest secret. Wracked with shame, they hide their trials from friends and family as much as possible, sometimes even up until the moment when it is time to get help. For that reason, privacy and confidentiality is a key factor when deciding where they will detox. Often, that means trying to detox at home. Detoxing at home, however, can have many drawbacks when compared to detoxing in a professional facility.

    1. Safety During Detox 

    Depending on what you have been consuming and for how long, the detox process can be very dangerous, and best not attempted alone. Coma, heart attacks, and even death can result from a detoxification that is not approached with care and professional treatment. In a professional facility, you’ll have a team of specialized detox experts caring for you 24/7, looking for signs that the average person might miss, such as elevated heart rate or blood pressure. What’s more, they can prescribe medication to bring your vitals back to normal.

    1. Comfort During Detox

    Detoxing at home comes along with all the other stressors of home: kids, pets, phone calls, bills. You owe it to yourself to take a break from it all and focus on yourself as you start detox, the beginning of a new phase of your life.

    1. Support During Detox

    Many people relapse during the detox process, as withdrawal symptoms can be too hard to take. Detoxing in a professional facility means that you’ll be supported by staff before and during any cravings. More importantly, you’ll be in a facility with no easy access to drugs or alcohol.

    Although many professional in-home detoxes do offer a level of medical care, there is no substitute for detox at a professional medical facility. There, you’ll find the space you need to start a new life – the life you deserve.

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