Addiction Assessment

Get clarity, and get better. These sophisticated tests and screenings will help.

What is our Comprehensive Assessment?

Substance Use Disorder is not simple, and treating it is incredibly complex. Every individual has a unique situation that requires unique treatment.

How can you be sure that you are getting the right addiction treatment for you?

Without clarity regarding what's actually going on inside your head, heart, and body, you can end up wasting time and money pursuing treatment models that might even do more harm than good. 

At SolutionPoint, we believe that stopping the vicious cycle of addiction requires a clear understanding of your diagnosis. 

That's why we have pulled together the most powerful and illuminating tools across disciplines in our Comprehensive Assessment. This approach allows us to initiate targeted therapies for every client - therapies that can make a real difference.

Assessment tools include:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation to identify any mood disorders and mental health issues
  • Psychological Screening to identify behavior, personality, and capabilities
  • Neuropsychological Screening for brain health and brain function
  • Biopsychosocial Assessment to identify psychological, biological, and social factors that may be influencing client behavior
  • Pharmacogenetic testing to determine how a client may respond to certain medications

Pharmacogenetic testing in particular is an innovative and potentially game-changing modality. This non-invasive procedure uses an oral swab to identify how a client's genetic profile may impact his or her response to certain medications. Two clients with the same diagnosis and prescription may exhibit significantly different clinical responses. This test can help our health care providers give clients a faster, smoother path to optimal medication management.

Every client receives a comprehensive written summary report featuring the results of all these tests - incredibly valuable information that can shape your next steps.

Find out once and for all what is happening behind the symptoms of your addiction - and with help, figure out how to stop it to find peace.

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