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    Drug & Alcohol Detox: Expectations vs. Reality

    For people in the midst of a drug and alcohol problem, it can be hard to remember what “normal” feels like. What does it feel like to wake up without a hangover? What does it feel like to fall asleep naturally—at a decent hour? Ironically, the very un-natural state of being in the throes of addiction can begin to feel like a baseline state. Changing that by getting clean and sober can be frightening, even though recovery will certainly be an improvement. Knowing what lies ahead can make it easier to choose recovery. If your preconceptions about alcohol and drug detox are preventing you or a loved one from getting help, consider these facts.

    Expectation: Drug and alcohol detox is painful and uncomfortable—to say the least.

    Reality: Modern detox and withdrawal symptom management has evolved to make the process of getting off drugs and alcohol as safe and as pain-free as possible.

    If you opt for a medical detox instead of detoxing at home, staffers will monitor your vitals 24/7 to make sure you are getting the hydration, nutrition, and medications you need to make it through withdrawal safely. Depending on what substance you have been using, as well as some other factors, the entire process may take just a few days.

    Expectation: Choosing a medical detox means you’ll be put in a paper gown and be strapped to a cold metal hospital bed.

    Reality: You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for a high standard of professional medical care.

    At SolutionPoint Behavioral Health for example, our patient rooms look more like a comfortable hotel room. You’ll sleep on high-thread-count linens and will even receive a bathrobe and slippers for your comfort. At the same time, our highly trained professional staff will ensure that you receive the highest level of professional medical treatment.

    Expectation: Detox isn’t really worth it.

    Reality: Detox is the first—and perhaps most crucial—step in the road to recovery.

    It can act as the foundation upon which you build an entirely new life. You owe it to yourself to give yourself or your loved one the best chance at success that is possible. Detoxing at a professional medical facility like SolutionPoint Behavioral Health means you will be given the tools to begin addressing the root causes of your substance use disorder. You also will learn about the appropriate next steps to continue building a life in recovery.

    To begin building the life you deserve, or to discuss treatment for a loved one, contact our caring and professional admissions team today.



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