Why Choose Us

Why Choose US

A Small Facility With 8 Comfortable Private Rooms, and a 2:1 Staff to Client Ratio

Professional, safe, warm and inviting. At SolutionPoint, we focus on you. Every member of our experienced and compassionate medical, clinical and support team is intent on your 21-day stay being a life-changing experience.

SolutionPoint is Recognized for its Unique 21-Day Program of Diagnostic Evaluations

Addiction and mental health issues often go hand-in-hand, making treatment decisions significantly more complex. It is no wonder so many find themselves trapped in the vicious cycle of relapse-recovery-relapse. At SolutionPoint Behavioral Health our respected team of clinical professionals along with our caring staff are intensely focused on helping our clients break away from, or hopefully avoid entirely, that devastating cycle.

Successful Treatment Depends on Accurate Diagnosis

As a physician would never treat without diagnosis, we passionately believe that for a plan of care to prove successful it absolutely must be based on a valid clinical diagnosis.

Our 21-day program of clinical diagnostic evaluations forms the basis for individualized treatment recommendations for each client. In our view, without proper diagnosis, treatment choices focus on the superficial and too often miss the profound mental health issues that are the obstacles to achieving sobriety. Lacking clarity in diagnosis people often spend years in treatment without success and in some cases incur even more harm than good.

Benefits of Accurate Diagnosis and a Well-Founded Treatment Plan

  • Accurate diagnosis is key to ending the vicious cycle of relapse-recovery-relapse
  • Accurate diagnosis hastens the beginning of the recovery process
  • Accurate diagnosis gives confidence to the client and loved ones
  • Accurate diagnosis ends the need to go to multiple facilities in search of answers
  • Accurate diagnosis may reduce the overall financial costs of seeking solutions

Transdisciplinary Team Approach

At SolutionPoint we have a very experienced and dedicated team of doctoral level professionals in psychiatry, psychology and neuropsychology; as well as physician assistants in psychiatry/mental health, psychiatric nurse practitioners, licensed family therapists and case managers.

Our transdisciplinary team works collaboratively to uncover and shed light on the social, familial, emotional and mental issues unique to each individual. Designed to foster joint communication and idea exchange, our model integrates the expertise of all team members with the objective of developing thorough and clinically reliable assessments. And from their findings, a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan is customized to the needs of each client.

Next Steps Treatment Plans - Roadmaps to Success

At SolutionPoint our Comprehensive Assessments shape the Next StepsTreatment Plans designed
to offer our clients the greatest chances of success. Critically, included in those treatment plans are
specific referrals to independent professionals and resources deemed uniquely appropriate for each
client based on his/her identified therapeutic needs. The recommendations may include, but are not
limited to, one or several of the following: inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment (possibly to
include a Structured Living Environment); psychiatric and therapeutic care (possibly to include
marriage or family therapy). In addition, our “case management” recommendations are intended to
address social, family, financial, legal, physical health, and other practical needs.

Substance Use Disorder is a Family Disease - Everyone is

At SolutionPoint we encourage and facilitate family involvement in the process while their loved one
is in our care. When one family member struggles with addiction the whole family is impacted.
Addiction will overwhelm even the healthiest of families and put the whole family system at risk. It is
well understood that those who struggle with addiction have greater chances of success in recovery
in those cases where families are healthy, supportive and engaged in positive and appropriate ways.

Detoxification and Acute Withdrawal Management

With a professional medical staff and 24-hour nursing, clients can be confident that they will receive medically assisted detoxification and acute withdrawal management in a safe and comfortable environment.

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