Our Code of Ethics

SolutionPoint Behavioral Health is committed to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and ethical conduct through the entire continuum and spectrum of clinical and business services, marketing, admissions, and treatment services. To ensure adherence to such responsibility and accountability, SolutionPoint Behavioral Health has adopted the following Code of Ethics. 

  • SolutionPoint does not engage in any form of misleading or deceptive  practices in its online marketing, public relations, advertising, or collateral  promotion materials. 
  • SolutionPoint does not make or receive financial payments or remunerations  for patient referrals. Furthermore, SolutionPoint does not support or refer to any  other programs which engage in these practices. 
  • SolutionPoint does not admit clients for whom we are not the clinically  appropriate facility. We recognize the limitations of our model of care and  always refer clients and families for whom we are not appropriate to other  like-minded programs. 
  • SolutionPoint, as safe and appropriate, encourages visits from clients, families,  and referents to see our facilities up close, meet with the staff, and experience  the spirit of our community. 
  • SolutionPoint believes a good business decision and a good clinical  decision are the same decision. Our pricing is transparent and constructed  to support clinical excellence, attract great staff, maintain a beautiful facility,  and provide our clients tasty and healthy food in a comfortable, safe and  healing environment.  
  • SolutionPoint always treats clients and families with respect and dignity and  places the wellbeing of our client community above all else.  
  • SolutionPoint marketing is fundamentally about providing exposure for our  programs and services to families, professionals, and prospective clients. We  strive to accurately convey the day-to-day activities of our program and will  never exploit client privacy by using video or photographic images of our clients  to promote our program. The image, likeness or personal testimonials of former  clients may be used after a client has been discharged from our program for  one year, but only with the prior written permission of those individuals.
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