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    High Functioning Alcoholics — Do They Need Detox?

    Not all alcoholics fit the mold of a heavy drinker who can’t hold down a job and whose life is quickly spiraling out of control. In fact, a United States government survey estimates that around 20 percent of alcoholics in the country can be considered high-functioning. Do those drinkers need detox?

    Some high-functioning alcoholics are able to hide their drinking from loved ones, even as they struggle behind the scenes with their addiction. Others believe they are successfully maintaining a good home life while they’re actually hurting those they love the most.

    And it’s not just friends and family a high-functioning alcoholic could be hurting. Habitual drinkers who are successful in their careers or personal lives may be doing a good job of hiding the severity of their struggle even from themselves. Perhaps they’re convinced their personality and likeability improve with alcohol or that social and work events are more rewarding for them when the alcohol is flowing.

    Unfortunately, despite appearances, the negative effects of drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis are always present — regardless of whether or not the high-functioning alcoholic has fooled themselves or others about the depths of their addiction.

    The mental, physical and legal risks high-functioning alcoholics face can become more and more devastating as time passes. Some potentially deadly drawbacks of excessive drinking include cirrhosis of the liver, strokes, and some types of cancer, among other issues. Statistically, high-functioning alcoholics also face legal risks connected to their drinking, such as a higher propensity to be arrested for drinking and driving.

    Most importantly, being a high-functioning alcoholic means you have a chance to stop the destruction of your drinking before your life gets worse. Do you really want to wait until you lose everything before you make a change? What would you have to lose to stop? Your spouse or job? Why wait until that happens?

    If you think you may be a high-functioning alcoholic and need help, contact us today for a private, discreet conversation about your drinking habits. 

    Or, if you're still not sure whether you're ready to make a change, check out our ebook on drug and alcohol abuse, HERE.

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